Inside Life is a free magazine seeking insight and answers to life’s deep questions and challenges. We aim to provide articles of lasting hope, help and encouragement for successful living in today’s fast-moving world.

Inside Life is a magazine of understanding. Rather than just reporting on life, Inside Life seeks to delve inside the marvellous mystery that is life, to discover what it is all about. What does life mean? Where did it come from? How can we make the most of it?

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Our Cover Story: 

Life After Death?  Tombstones mark the places where humans are put to rest after their lives end. But what happens after that? Is the grave the absolute "dead end"? Or is it a doorway to another form of existence beyond this life?

Christian Leaders Behaving Badly  Ravi Zacharias, a popular Christian faith defender, was exposed posthumously as a sexual predator. If Christian leaders are hypocrites, why should anyone give their beliefs a serious look?

Let's Talk about Pornography  One person writes about how he escaped the trap of this toxic global epidemis that no one wants to talk about.

Turn, Turn, Turn  The lyricis of this popular song come from the Bible, and are universally meaningful.

Unmasked!  Is God hidden behind a mask?

Inspired to Forgive  A writer shares the story of a remarkable example of forgiveness.

It's Only a Number  As we age, we realise our number will soon be up.

Reducing Family Arguments  Here is a simple key to improving family relationships.

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