Inside Life is a free magazine seeking insight and answers to life’s deep questions and challenges. We aim to provide articles of lasting hope, help and encouragement for successful living in today’s fast-moving world.

Inside Life is a magazine of understanding. Rather than just reporting on life, Inside Life seeks to delve inside the marvellous mystery that is life, to discover what it is all about. What does life mean? Where did it come from? How can we make the most of it?

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The Greatest Pandemic  The Covid-19 pandemic has rampaged across the planet causing imense suffering. But it is not the greatest pandemic of all time. It is paled into insignificance when compared with another noxious plague that in fact has infected every single person who has ever lived!

Why is there Power in Love?  Bishop Michael Curry's address at the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle raised an important topic.

It's In My Hands  Where did the custom of shaking hands come from in the first place?

Where is God in a Coronavirus World?  Read an extract from a new book by internationally renowned author and speaker John Lennox.

Shots in the Dark  Here's how shooting a man dead changed a person.

The Benefits of Slow  In our short-attention, hyper-information world, maybe we should slow down sometimes.

Share Your Smile  A smile goes a long way in comforting hurting people and bringing brightness in these dark times. Try to infect the world with your smile!

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